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LCPDFR Multiplayer Infinite Loading Screen

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So here is the deal as we can't play gta v online with lspdfr I decided to reinstall good old gta iv. See this happened the last time and I just gave up entirely moving on with my life but I would love to see this issue solved.

So I host a GFWL session normally right, and everything loads fine... A couple of seconds after I get the master server pop up and the game just goes into this infinite loop of a black screen saying loading on the bottom right. Please do help me in any way you can as this is just getting annoying at this point.

  1. When I run the LCPDFR diagnosis tool everything checks out except the log one which turns red.
  2. Original GTA IV copy, hard copy not steam version
  3. Just LCPDFR installed. (Tried both manual and auto installations)

(In the log file the IP was hidden for obvious reasons.)




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