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How to setup ELS "activation" for Tow Trucks

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Ok so finally, believe it or not downloaded the TowService script which is awesome btw. Anyways, trying to get the ELS lights to work on the trucks when they arrive on scene. Is it possible. I'm not very good at script code so I'm kind of lost.

So I made a "biff" els file, so the lights do turn on when I'm driving, now the trick is to get them to turn on when I call for the tow truck in game.


Here is the current setup of the ELS file for biff truck



DisableAtLstg3 = off

UseExtra1 = on

UseExtra2 = off

UseExtra3 = off

UseExtra4 = on



HRN_Type = norm

HRN_SrnToneForMan2 = yelp

SRN_ResetSrnTone = off

SRN_AllowToneYelp = off

SRN_AllowToneAlt1 = off

SRN_AllowToneAlt2 = off


[ WNRL ]

Type = halo

UseScnNotTkd = off

ForcePatForLstg = on

PatId_Lstg2 = 0

PatId_Lstg3 = 0


[ PRML ]

Type = leds

ForceDfltPat = on

DfltPatId = 0

ExpressModeRandPat = off

ForcePatForSrnTones = off

PatId_Yelp = 0

PatId_Alt1 = 28

PatId_Alt2 = 0


[ SECL ]

Type = leds

DisableAtLstg3 = off

ForcePatForLstg = on

PatId_Lstg1 = 0

PatId_Lstg2 = 28

PatId_Lstg3 = 0




So what if anything can be edited here to allow for my desires :P



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Do you happen to know if there's a script out there already that does this, if not, not a big deal, but just trying to increase the realism a little for game play. Cheers though.

With use of a separate script mod it's definitely possible, but with ELS on it's own, no, it's not (at-least afaik).


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