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Player Freezes during a traffic stop (and a ? about parking tickets)

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Hi all, I can't imagine I'm the only one with this problem but it very well could be. I hope I'm not posting a duplicate topic as I searched the forums for this issue and didn't see anyone with similar problems. Right now everything works fine. But when I pull over a pedestrian, and walk up to the PASSENGER side window, the driver will then scoot over into that seat and it will tell me to press UP DOWN LEFT OR RIGHT, for different options (reckless driving, speeding, etc.) But nothing happens after that. My player will just stand there leaning up against the car while I'm not able to virtually press anything to cancel out. 


However, upon teleporting a very short distance with a trainer I can cancel it out. So it's a work around, and it's not like it's crashing my game but I figured I would bring it up, and wonder if this is just a known issue that I missed. (Or for that matter if there is a topic with a list of known issues that I may have missed as well)





Also, this is completely off topic-- but I don't want to create another topic for a simple answer.. Are there any future plans to change the 'Parking Ticket' Animation? I think it would be even better if the player didn't even bend down at all and instead just stand there and issue the ticket with the clipboard, taking away that animation. The animation for me has to activate usually when the player is looking at a vehicle, then when it does my character will hunch down and clip into the car.


(sorry I don't know anything about scripting, so I probably sound like one of those people who want all these changes but have no real idea how any of it works)



Thanks for your time to read this, and once again I apologize if this has been stated before. I'm new here and still trying to figure everything and the website out :)


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