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Crashing when ordering ped to leave vehicle

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I have a fresh install of GTA IV on steam with the latest patch and whenever I order a ped out of a vehicle it will instantly crash. I have had this issue prior to reinstalling. It never happened before but started out of nowhere which is what prompted the reinstall, so I am pretty lost as to why it's doing this.


I have no mods except LCPDFR, both exe's are set to admin and aren't read only. My GTA IV directory won't stay set as read even with UAC off.



edit: after changing the vehicle density from 30 to 20, I don't crash when ordering a ped out of the vehicle, even after changing it back to 30. Will try restart the game with it at 30 and try again.


edit: restarted the game and changed it to 30 right before ordering a ped out of vehicle, it worked once and then on ordering another ped it crashed, got the same error again

System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
                         at unmanaged.NativeContext3.Invoke(Int32 nameptr, Byte[] args, Int32 argnum, NativeContext3* cxt)
                         at GTA.ScriptDomain.RemoteEvent(RemoteEventArgs ev)
                         at GTA.ScriptDomain.ProcessRemoteEvents()
                         at GTA.ScriptDomain.Tick()
                         at GTA.NetHook.Tick()
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Sorry this isn't much of help, but I've had this happen to me also. It would crash when I wasn't in pursuit of anyone and I ordered a random person out of their car at gun point and the game would crash to desktop. Only time it doesn't crash is when I'm in pursuit or if I pull someone over. Maybe that's what is happening with you too.

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Can also verify this. Just crashed on me when someone bumped into me, and on ordering them out of the car, it crashed.

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I can further confirm this is an issue.  Upon initiating a traffic stop for a simple traffic light violation, I discovered that one of the four passengers of a vehicle had an active warrant.  I decided to pull everyone out of the vehicle, starting with the driver.  Upon ordering the driver to exit the vehicle, my instance of GTAIV immediately crashed.  Windows 7 Ultimate.  Using ELS8, and a handful of ELS-enabled police vehicles.


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