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need help. how to install mods on GTA 4 EFLC?

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Suppose file visualsettings. If I put it in : GTA root folder ==> common ==> data, then in the game on an episode TBoGT changes will not be noticeable. File visualsettings have also : Root folder GTA ==> TBoGT ==> common ==> data. How do they differ ? Why do I not see the change if I put this file in the root folder of gta 4 ? Also , in a folder TBoGT there are many identical files as usual from GTA 4 . Turns out that episode TBoGT not see root files GTA 4 , but only sees the files in the folder TBoGT? Also , in a folder have TBoGT such files as : handling, vehicles, carcols. That is, if I play TBoGT, then I have to change in your handling TBoGT, but not in the root folder ? I do not understand how it works.

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