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Fire Truck Request

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone out there could make me a model of my departments pumper and rescue trucks, and also an ambulance.


the pumper is a 2007 Toyne Freightliner Crew cab

PS: all the lighting that isn't shown in the first picture, leave a reply and I'll help you
Error: i couldn't actually get a good picture of the rear of the engine, so rust replace the lights right above the taillights with the ones from the front and just get rid of the high rotator's
Now, Here's the rescue truck, its a 2013 Ford F450 Crew Cab
PS: the clear LED's on the side are Blue, fallowed by a red covered White LED. The Lightbar is All red, and their are grill lights that I couldn't get but their all red also
Finally here's the ambulance

The outer LED's are red-blue, and the inner LED's are white, and the lightbar is red then blue repeated across the whole lightbar


if you can do this, it will mean a lot to me, thanks!



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Let me just whip those up for you real fast......... Just kidding. The chevy ambulance is already out here, I think Lt Caine made one you just need to re texture it. As for the Ford and the Engine, good luck finding somebody to just make those for you. Your best bet would be to buy a 3d model that is close and convert it for GTA.

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Side note: Pretty sure that Ford isn't a 2013

It isn't. You can tell by the 550 sign. 2011+ did not make those logos. It is an 08-10.

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