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GTA4 doesn't work after LCPDFR is loaded....

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OK I just recently got GTA 4 through Steam. I watched some videos on LCPDFR and loved what I saw so I downloaded the 1.0b auto installer and installed it. I unpacked the installer from the zip and ran it as admin. Install went fine. I went to check my diagnostic tool, and ran that as admin and checked the check box for advanced. Everytime I tried without doing this the diagnostic tool stopped working. So when I ran in under advanced this is what I got... Check successful and LCPDFR is setup successfully....I try to open log file and the diagnostic tool crashes....


I have no error logs that I can see in my root folder... I am running Windows Vista....and before everyone jumps in and says Vista sucks.....I know but its what I have and what I'm running. I don't have the money to run out and get another version of windows for 1 game as all my other games run fine on Vista. I'm also not running any mods at the moment as I am trying to get this working first.


When I try to run the GTAIVLauncher.exe as admin it says GTA 4 has stopped responding....when I uninstall LCPDFR, GTA 4 runs fine.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to give this mod a go as everything I've seen looks great.




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