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Missing Police3 Vehice in EFLC

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Hi Everyone,


I have a bit of a strange issue. Basically, when I install EFLC, everything works fine and everything is present and correct in all the files. But once I install LCPD:FR 1.0 (and hotfix), the vehicle Police3 mysteriously vanishes from handling.dat and vehicles.ide. [EDIT: to clarify, Police3 only vanishes after installing LCPD:FR and running the game once]Then in game, while on rare occasions the model will show up, when I try to select the vehicle using the LCPD:FR user interface (when leaving the station after coming on duty) or by spawning it, the player character is just left standing in the street, unable to move with no car ever spawning. I don't get an error or a CTD or anything (but I've included all the logs anyway), but if I then use the Native Trainer to unfreeze myself, the textures unload from everywhere I'm not looking at and don't come back, rendering the game unplayable at that point.


Thinking I'd maybe gone mad, I checked the backups I had for the old LCPD:FR 0.95 and I can confirm that not only did the Police3 vehicle work, but the relevant lines were present in handling.dat and vehicles.ide.


I first noticed this in LCPD:FR using a full set of mods, so I went back and did a clean install of EFLC and it did the exact same thing for the default EFLC Police3 vehicle. Soldering through, I put the mods (except replacing Police3) back in and added the missing lines from my backups, but the game would still not load the vehicle. I tried replacing Police3 with vehicle mods already in and working - I got some success having the same vehicle mod in the Police and Police3 positions but that shortly stopped and it went back not loading at all.


Is there any cause or possible way to fix this?


For information (if needed), my computer specs are:

Processor - AMD FX (6-core) 4.1Ghz

Graphics - ATI Radeon HD 5800


Hard Drive:

Internal 250GB SSD (this is where the game is installed)

Internal 6TB HDD

External 6TB HDD

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I am checking the ones for the extra vehicle in EFLC, not the ones for the cars in the base GTAIV game. Sorry - should have clarified that too!

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For further information, I've just done a complete reinstall of EFLC again. The police3 lines are in vehicle.ide and they refer the handling to the police3 vehicle in handling.dat but the line in not there yet again.


I haven't gone totally mad, there is supposed to be a police3 line in handling.dat isn't there?

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