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Random crashes

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This mostly seems to happen during pursuits or when trying to tell a civilian to get out of a vehicle. I attached some logs but i don't really know what's wrong



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Wellll... are you asking for technical or moral reasons? Because I bought a physical copy (of GTA IV and the Episodes when they came out on disc), but I lost the disc/case a while ago...the game was already registered to my GFWL account so I was hoping I could get the key from there and activate it on Steam or just download and play it on offline mode through GFWL (not really sure if you can actually do either of those things, i never used GFWL much beyond the login process), but GFWL shut down, and the program itself refuses to open (possibly unrelated to GFWL service shutting down but im not sure), so im kind of at a loss at what to do

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