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Stafford County, Va

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Been looking for a long time and haven't found this setup.


Stafford County Sheriff's Office.

If someone could make the Crown Vic and uniform texture I'd be ecstatic.


Mainly the model for the car is what I'm looking for, I've pretty much got the skin down.


Some things you may not be able to tell from the pics.

All the cars on the road now have leds in the grille and rear window. In, the gril, they are on either side of the FORD emblem. In the rear window, there is 1 to the driver side of the third brake light. The light bar is the Whelen Edge with a speaker over the center. Im not too concerned about the speaker.


For the interior, they either have an actual cage, or the clear plexi. Either is fine. 


Also, they have the led corner strobes.


If someone could tackle this, again, I'd be extremely grateful.



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