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PedVariations Questions, Merging and adding Policevest

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I am having some small issues with adding a police vest to a ped, and im wondering what could be wrong. I took the  the m_y_construction01 ped, and merged it with the m_y_strooper and remodeled it with a new vest and such.


The vest does not spawn ingame, but in OpenIV everything looks very nice indeed. It comes up with the right names ( feet_001 and feet_002)  Feet_001 being the "dummy" object with a material added to it. And Feet_002 being the vest itself, with its own material. 


Material seems to be added correcly. [picture : https://www.dropbox.com/s/r7hllfkcm9e08gl/Screenshot%202014-02-21%2023.26.51.png


But ingame, everything work except the vest, So when going into simple native trainer, and choosing the model and clothes. feet says 2 2 1 1. Which means there are two

Models, and that the second one is applied. But the 001 does not work at all, cant change to it. And the console is telling me everytime i press Spawn M_Y_Strooper

[CPlayer] Ped.Get: Local handle is not player handle. Did someone change the model from remote?"



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Moving to Development Tutorials and Questions.


If you want only custo's help, you should PM him instead of making a forum thread. 

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