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Zmodeler exporting help?

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So, I managed to assemble my first vehicle in Zmodeler (actually, third I think. First one worth mentioning, lol) Exported it fine, it showed up in game.... except that none of the els lights displayed. derp.

Went back, found a hierarchy thing, switched it; to this:


Went to play game.... crash on start. Open the vehicle in OpenIV's viewer.....





Can anyone tell me why this happens? Also, if you want, check the hierarchy in my Zmodeler file, maybe there's a conflict there? I'd like to eventually build a fleet of NJSP vehicles, and my goal is to assemble them all myself in Zmodeler, but with issues like this, it's not gonna happen soon- I'll be able to get a car (or two) working, then I want to change or tweak a part, and the whole thing bugs out, seemingly over one change. Any help would be appreciated.

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