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GTA IV wont open after lcpdfr download

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Hello guys,


I need some help, cause my GTA IV won't open anymore after download.

I have try to download my gta iv it works then but when i'm trying to download the police mod lcpdfr again my gta won't open anymore again. 

Can someone please help me cause i have seen some video's about this video and it looks very amazing.

I hope someone can help me:( 


P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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I think it is and if its not a legal can you give me please a legal link?

You don't know if the game is legal? If you bought the game, it's legal. 

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Do you have any other mods installed? If so, try removing all of them and then adding them back one by one and see if any other them change that.


Also, maybe try right clicking on the game and clicking "Run as Administrator"


Lastly, try uninstalling FRAPS. I know that might sound stupid, but my game was unplayable and I uninstalled FRAPS and it worked perfectly.


Hope this helps and if you need any more support on this, please Quote this post so that I will be alerted of it. Thanks! ~OfficerCourts

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