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GTA 4 TBoGT Multiplayer Session

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Hello everyone,


To help celebrate the upcoming release of GTA V, I am organizing a planned online session in TBoGT on PS3 this Sunday, September 15th starting around 1PM CDT and lasting until 3:30PM (times might change). I will have a set of different games and events for everyone to participate in and the winners of each game will receive a prize (probably a shout-out here on lcpdfr.com, I'll come up with something. But it will be cool, I'll tell you that! :woot: ) Only 16 people will be able to participate at once. If you can't stay the whole time, someone else will be invited in to take your place. Spots will be a first come-first served basis. If you are interested in attending, please post below with your PSN ID and what time you will be available so I can invite you in as this will be invite only. I'll post the games that will be played later today or tomorrow. Hope to see you there!  :smile:


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