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Problems with LCPDFR multiplayer

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Hi everybody I am new to LCPDFR and my friend and I are having some problems when we try to play together in multiplayer. One of us always crashes after about 30-45 minutes of playing. We are playing together in a LIVE private free roam. We are both using LCPDFR, ALPR, PoliceHelper, Medical Examiner, Tow Service, Braveheart, and Indicator. Neither of us are using car mods or custom models. Any idea what would be causing this to happen? Thanks. 

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The mods are causing your problems. GTA IV was never designed to work with scripts and mods. Adding multiplayer to that mess will only make it worse. 

30-40 minutes sounds pretty good to me. Make sure to always run the game as administrator by going to the GTA IV folder, right click on GTAIV.exe, Properties, Compatibility and select 'Run this program as administrator', do the same exact thing to the LaunchGTAIV.exe. 


Depending on which version of GTA IV you use, it can be located here: 

Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IV

Or here:

Steamsteamappscommongrand theft auto iv 
Also, download and extract Scripthook.dll and ScripthookDotNet.asi files to your GTA IV directory (http://www.hazardx.com/details.php?file=83). 
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