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ELS Boat - Zmodeler

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I know officially lighting isn't supported on boats, I am wondering however if anyone knows why THIS would have happened.


I put a Voltex Ultra lightbar on my Military Patrol boat... yes ELS does work on it, and the lights do flash and emit.  However, it appears that adding the lightbar to the model has for some reason opaqued out the windows (even though it appears that the model itself as no glass, at least to zmodeler it doesn't.


I tried removing the lightbar and the opacity remains. I know (limited as my knowledge of zmodeler is) that usually white textures mean missing texture files, but the model was ok till I added the lightbar.  I tried moving the lightbar as Misc_h to different locations in the hierarchy, with no luck.


Any thoughts? 



Also if wrong forum please move.






and with ELS turned off it looks the same way:



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