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GTA IV crashes after load screen!

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Hi guys i have read and re-read many different forums and have reinstalled GTA IV (steam version)  many many times but i just cant load my game! When i first got the LCPDFR mod evrything was going fine. I made a couple of arrests but then suddenly the game just crashes. Since then, GTA IV crashes on the load screen. I have checked and my computer meets the requirements of LCPDFR but i just cant get it to work. The game files are marked as NOT read only but evrytime the game starts it marks it as read only! Please help me. I have wanted to play this mod for a very long time. I have attached my diagnostics below and my G17 scans show no errors found. diagnostics.txt

I have also tried running as admin but nothing works. I found other forums telling ppl that unticking the read only box changes nothing and others where ppl who untick the box helped them to run the game.

Also. running it as admin doesnt work


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Delete your savegames which are located in:

C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalRockstar GamesGTA IVsavegamesuser_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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