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Need NON ELS Packages?

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hey guys im very new to the game and love every bit of it. IM dieing for a non ELS package of NYSP (as i am a NYS Trooper). Id actually be willing to paypal someone a few bucks.


Also i searched the non els collection but it has not been updated in awhile and has all single cars and not packages as im seaking. any links for full NON els packages would be awesome.




I attempted to run ELS and my pc DID NOT like it lol.

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The problem there is that the template on the skins and on the model do not match. For example, the Crown Vic skins were made for BxBugs' Crown Vic, and will look pretty awkward on the Driver:SF models.


Check the readme in the archive. It contains a list of vehicles shown in the screenshots.

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