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P. Moonblaze

Issue when Exporting in Zmodeler

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I am new to GTA Modeling. Still Learning the basics.


I am using the Unlocked Whelen Liberty uploaded by PFCBarefoot on gtapolicemods and the unlocked Ford Crown Victoria CVPI from Bxbugs123.


Everything seemed to be going fine, up until when I tried to export the model. I used the GTA IV Installing a Lightbar Tutorial by hlsavior on Youtube as I could not find any other good tutorials.



When trying to export with the .png as the preferable textures, zmodeler stops responding. I have preferable textures marked as .png with collision and sliced model checked.


After that, I attempted to export with .dds as the preferable textures, zmodeler gave me the error object "misc_y" excluded from export because of incorrect configuration. (misc_y being the lightbar).


I have reattempted to do these and have also redone everything, and am at a loss as to what to do to fix it.


If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know

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It seems my issue was with the Whelen Liberty Lightbar I was trying to use.


But my new issue is my zmodeler is fine with exporting. It will also import into OpenIV, but when I get into the game and spawn the model, it crashes my game. With the error: GTA IV: FATAL ERROR RC20'


Anyone know how to fix this?


I figured out it's my lightbars that are causing it to crash. I was able to successfully spawn the car by itself, no mods. I was also able to add the Rhino Pushbar and still have it load.

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