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I have eflc v1 and I have updated to the newest patch and i still can't get the simple native trainer or any other script mods?

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The reason I switched to my old EFLC is because when I added only a few mods to my GTA IV it crashed with no error on the loading screen, but script mods and LCPDFR and ELS worked before. And my EFLC was updated and when I put dsound.dll or xliveless, I get- EFLC FATAL ERROR: Code is expecting version %d but file %s has version %d! -Please reinstall GTA IV and even when I remove it it doesn't work but car mods and gun sound mods etc. don't crash the game. So can someone please help me I cant play GTA IV without scripts!


I used this patch: http://www.rockstargames.com/downloads#/?collection=9

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