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Having trouble with ELS

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I know that you're thinking this will be another thread asking how to turn the lights on, but I can assure you that I have thoroughly researched my problem.  Earlier I installed ELS, and everything worked except for opening the menu (tried Lcontrol and Lalt M).  After playing for a couple hours I randomly lost siren functionality.  It basically reverted to vanilla-style control (while still using an ELS required car).  I made sure that it was enabled for my modded car, and I tried relaunching and restarting my computer.  I did not have a trainer installed at the time.  I tried reinstalling the mod completely, and now the problem left me with even less functionality.  The menu still doesn't launch, and now I can't even start the siren by pressing g (which I could do when the problem first started).  J and h weren't doing anything either.  So I'm a bit stuck now, I've tried everything I could think of.  Ideas?

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Try installing the trainer and disabling keys in the options menu.


I don't know why that worked, but I don't care.  Thank you very much for taking the time to post.

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