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Ok so i bought gta iv off of steam because my retail disc wouldnt work :wallbash:  but anyway i have it downloaded from steam but when i try to go to the local files it wont open so i dont know if spark iv wont work and can someone show me how to put weapon camos on guns for spark iv Thanks in ADVANCE  :smile:


Pc Specs


Model: INSPIRON N7110


Processor Inte® Core i3-2330M CPU @2.20GHz 2.20GHz


RAM 6.00 (5.90) Usable


System Type 64-bit operating system

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I am going to guess that the folders/files are set to "read-only" try right-clicking going to "Properties" and making sure that next to "Attributes" the box "Read-only" is unchecked. If checked, click it again, then save the settings by clicking "Apply" and "Okay".

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