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Editing Building Textures?

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This is how I used to do it, if I remember well. You'd need some patience, though.


1. Using this map find how is called the map area where the building you'd want to edit is located: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18649105/wbn-map.jpg


2. Then, done this, go to: Your game directory (ie. EFLC) ---> pc---> data--> maps. There are about 6 or 7 folders that correspond to a certain area of the map or the interiors (ie. East = Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens). Each of them contain .img files.


3. Open them with Spark IV. Both WTD and WDR files have textures inside.


4. When you have found the textures you wanted to edit, export and edit them. If I recall, some of the files inside the .img had worn out textures (for example for the billboards) that can be used to make your custom billboards more realistic (if not, you can download many from internet). In order to do this. just after you've done your custom texture, add a layer under it with a worn out texture and turn off a bit the transparency of the main layer. The same if you're retexturing a brick wall or any other shit like that.


Btw, sorry if the tutorial haven't got the best explanations, it's been some time since I edited building textures;)

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