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ELS 7 Please help me

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So i have been running into a rather very irritating problem, I've tried several time to install an i seem to crash approx after 5-10 of game play. im not 100% sure if my trainer keys are disabled but i don't know if that would cause me to crash. I really like ELS 7 an would love to use it but for some reason that i can't figure out why. i keep crashing an it really upsets me. If you need these are my Pc Specs they will be listed below. Any an all help would be lovely. Thanks




AMD FX-6100 six-core 3.3.0 GHz

8.00 GB Ram

Radeon HD 7950, 3GB dedicated graphics.


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i have  ELS 7, LCPDFR, ALPR, Bravehearts, PSS, Simple native trainer (keys disabled), less over take, police helper, tow service, and indicator. So i am not sure what is causing the crashing. i remember seeing something about changing some numbers for something to a high number set an someone said it worked an no more crashing but i don't remember which numbers to change or what to change them too an i can't find that forum topic anymore. 

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