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Trainer and ELS 7 help!

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Ok, so I've been using LCPDFR, PoliceHelper, and a Simple Trainer for the last couple of weeks and had no trouble...


now I've started adding in new car files into the Vehicles.img, but all that seems to be spawning are 3 types of car at once; Taxi's, Police Cars and then 1 random vehicle type. Is this because I've added new car files or is it something to do with the trainer?


Also, I can't seem to open the ELS V7 interface in game, or keep my sirens on, but when I can make it sound for a short period of time, no lights flash...


can anyone help me with these issues?


Thanks in advance, from Lewis

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To begin with, the bug you are experiencing is called the "taxi bug". It happens because GTA IV runs out of memory. Try installing the script-mod TrafficLoad, or trafficspawner. 


Have you read the ELS7 read me? It answers almost all problems you may having. :)

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