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Hey guys,

I was thinking of starting a police clan, using the police, peel regional police (PRP) and have been thinking about this for a really long time.  I decided to give it a try and here I am writing this post.  I'm wondering if there are any people out there willing to help me make skins and uniforms for my clans and to help me out in making the whole clan overall such as the divisions, organizing everything and help with applications.  I would really like this help and if anyone is interested please leave a comment below that comment will make me smile!


Here are some pictures of the Peel Regional Police:


4020920162_2c6667ab14.jpg                                                                                                                            6663055053_e4c40ec176_z.jpg








So once again if you are interested and if you would like to patrol in these awesome cars please leave a comment and put a :) on my face :P

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i sure can make those skins for you i made skins for my clan and others let me know. PM


also got team speak if is batter for you.

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