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Possible Soultions: "GTA IV FATAL ERROR: Uncoverable fault - Please restart the game"

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Hello All,
I've had this issues several times, I'm not a pro at modding, but I do have basic script skills from school and other gaming I've done. I've investigated this issue myself when I received this error. Since I'm not a developer of LCPD:FR or any other script I would like to say right now. I'm not guaranteeing you this will work and the fix is through my experience and how I was able to fix it.
If This Happened Immediately After "Load Sucessful"
-This appeared to me as an issue with a modification to CDImages or and integrity file IE: Car Files, Skin Files, Weapon Files Etc.
1. Replace the modded weapon files with the backup weapon files first as these appear to be the most unsuccessful at working in my experience.
2. Retry loading the game
3. If your game does not appear to still work check for any updates for your scripts.
4. Replace the other modded files with the original and go back to number 2.
Steam Users Only Step 5.
5. Alright we've done what we can ourselves now to be saved by Steam!
- 1. Goto Steam
- 2. Open GTA IV in your library
- 3. Right click properties
- 4. Select what I believe is called "Game Files"
- 5. Click "Check Cache Integrity"
- 6. If something failed and it downloaded the file that a good sign.
--READ: If you installed the taser from LCPD:FR you will need to redownload the taser!!
- 7. Check for success
6. Try Using OpenIV to run GTA IV
Hey... We tried the best we could. This stuff is complicated aint it..
You have a few remaining options.
1. Wait And post a support or PM me for a specific problem and get help from myself or someone else that probably way better at this than myself
2. Reinstall the game. Something must've gone wrong. Narrowed down the options. Sorry I couldn't have been a better help.
If I missed something, I've lead people to screw up there game (I really, really, hope I didn't), or you have another solution please let me knaow ASAP.


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