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Suggestions to new mods.

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Hey, ehm I thought I could give someone a suggestion to a mod, wich you guys could do..
2 acctually.



1. I was thinking about a mod, where you are a police, but like a specail force, like doing surveillance on people and spy on people because they are suspected for doing illegal stuff.
And that would be pretty awesome, you are in a civilian police car and spying on people. Pretty fun =)

2. Do a script maybe, where you can be a S.W.A.T (N.O.O.S.E) police, to robbery and heavy tanked people with guns and stuff, and you have to go there like a NOOSE. 
Maybe these 2 things are impossible but it would be really awesome if there would be any of these, and yeah, but this is only suggestions, I am not that good at scripting.

And if someone would do any of this, yea P.M me or something, I really want to know if someone's going to do this =D or try at least. =D
(Only suggestions) =)

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As it stands, the topic name looks like you're making suggestions to the moderators. You really meant "Suggestions for new mods".

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