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[Request] 1990s LAPD Chevrolet Caprice

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I was wondering if anyone could create an accurate 1990s LAPD Chevrolet Caprice. Yes, there are already several on the internet for download. But none of them are accurate in terms of the lightbar. If anyone could create one with a Federal Signal Areodynic Lightbar, with steady burns, I, and many others would thank you.


This one if so close:  it doesn't have steady burns.


Also, if anyone already knows of an accurate one with steady burns, please link me to it, and I'll cross out my whole post.






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Didn't know that, I'm not very familiarized with lighbars and its terminology, I just know Aerodynic, Streethawk and few more:P


Anyway, though, like I said Compeast has made an accurate Aerodynic, it's pretty unlikely to see an ELS version of it.

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Some of you might know it, some of you might not but I am reconverting both of these Caprices. I got a better model. Same author. but more details. Once it's converted I will also be adding my new reworked aerodynics! Not to mention I have expanded my skills so things will look way better.


Here's a sneak-peak;




More to come ;)


EDIT: I am kind of in need of pictures of actual '90s LAPD cars to see what equipment they had, plus how it was installed.

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