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SNT Police AI Safe Driving speed/style

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Hey guys, I'm trying to do a Machinima video and I'm using the AI and setting a destination for them to drive to. The problem is that every AI I spawn I give them a speed & style and send them on their way. While following them and filming my video, They start crashing everything in their paths, stopping and start going in reverse, take the worst route ever, and sometimes the ones I'm not following leave their cars in the middle of the street and go to the destination/Scene on foot.


I want to know from those experienced using SNT and AI destinations, What is the best driving speed(kmh/s) and the best driving style(1-10). I want the closest driving possible to a good AI driver passing on the right/left without crashing, slow down on intersections, and not ditch their cars and run on foot. The best I have found is:

Driving style 7

Speed 61 Kmh/s


Any help is appreciated.


Here is a quick demo of what I'm trying to do. Of course the video will be longer with different scenes and stuff, but this is what I'm focusing on filming since its the hardest one for me to do in a couple of takes.



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Actually KPD, that is a great video, although, there is nothing we can do with the "hardcoded" AI slamming into walls to get away from the sirens, but I think you did a great job and a great 2 min video, because most people are focused on your driving, rather then the AI, awesome vid! 

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