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Southeast Michigan Fire/EMS Vehicles

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My name is Sam and a few months ago I got into skinning vehicles for various role play clans and made a bunch of Detroit Fire skins for a clan some friends and I made and just put them up on GPM after a few months.  I have decided that I'm going to get into skinning more vehicles.  


Since I live in the Metro-Detroit area, and since Nutt has most of the South-east MI Police Depts. covered, I decided that I'm going to skin Fire and EMS vehicles from departments in the area.  If you happen to live in SE MI, or MI in general and would like to see a specific Fire/EMS vehicle made, leave a comment below and I'll do whatever I can.  I'll also might do a few Police Depts. that Nutt doesn't plan to do.


This is what I plan to do in the future:

Community EMS Medic

HVA Medic

Novi Fire Dept. Squad

Novi Fire Dept. Engines 1-4

Novi Fire Dept. Fire-EMS Tahoe

Novi Fire Dept. Chief 2

Livonia Fire Rescue Medic

Livonia Fire Rescue Batt. Chief Tahoe

Livonia Fire Rescue Engine

Superior Township Fire Dept. Engines

Canton Police Dept. CVPI

Canton Police Dept. Tahoe

Plymouth Community Fire Rescue Medic

Plymouth Community Fire Rescue Engine

Plymouth Community Fire Rescue Silverado


Uploaded Skins

Detroit Fire Dept. Engine Pack 

Detroit Fire Dept. Medic 21 

Detroit Fire Dept. Chief Tahoe 

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