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Simple Native Trainer / Game Crashing. help needed.

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WJ9    0

Im so sorry if this is the wrong part to request assistance. But I didnt know where else to seek help.

I purchased my game from GameStop and it downloaded it in matter of hours.

I did what this video told me to do.




When it told me to copy and paste the files from win.rar to the directory it asked me if I want to

move and replace or move but keep both. I choose to move and replace those files.






and then the ASI. Dsound.dll file as well.


Now the game crash's. Everytime I run as adminstrator the game starts saying rockstar etc.

and runs until the part where it says loading for example mission " your call " where I recently saved.

than it just shuts down and closes every thing without even a error message or anything. I dont know what to do

I deleted the whole game and all the files and redownloaded it again from GameStop. took several hours

and the same issue yet again. I realized that there is no dsound.dll file or scripthook.dll ( the original files )


can someone tell me what to do ? I attached a print screen of game directory.



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