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I have change this topic from the IVDashCam issue to this issue. I worked out sorta what to do with the error with extra. I just reload the script.




So I cant seem to find more details on how to map els. nobody has a good easy tutorial, and the videos suck. BUT, I found a YouTube video with BritishMods, his video was slower, more straight forward. He did some weird things with dummy helpers and as it was a silent film, had no explanation. So 1. What are those for? do I need them?

2. I made my light how he did it, I wanted to test if it works. I didn't put dummy helpers, I just renamed my blue light box to extra_1L0, and white light box to SirenBox_L0. This may be my biggest issue, but I still wanna make sure I technically did it correct. I put those into the car I chose branch, I exported and loaded Spark, when I import the fbi.wft, which also, I didn't know how to get the .wtd of my car, I get an error stating,


Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. then I can click continue to ignore error, which then leads to nothing changed, or I can quit the whole program....


Sorry, I'm very noobish with this.


All I need is a link to a nice tutorial on how to make box, anything else to add, naming boxes/other added objects, make sure the light will work where you place it, how to export it properly, anything needed that I missed.




Sorry for noob situation. But you guys are awesome on here :-)



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I decided to just make my premier as the FBI car, that may be causing the issue. I will be trying a mod expert car next to see if it isn't sparkIV that's having issue.


Update 2:


Something is wrong with my whole car, maybe I didn't save the car correct when I imported the file. Otherwise the Premier Car doesn't like being edited. Hope someone has an idea :-(

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