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Help finding Vehicle Livery (Resolved)

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Attention Mods, I have found what I was looking for please take down the post 


Not completely sure if this section is the right place to post, seems like i may be in some sort of gray zone between forums.


Anyways i've been looking for this livery for a long time, the skin was featured in a LCPDFR video made by SpeirsTheAmazingHD 

Heres a picture of the skin from the video below http://puu.sh/1u2w0


Anyways any help finding this skin would be great.


Edit: looks as though it is part of a pack, heres a screencap of another one of his vids with a different vehicle with the same paint http://puu.sh/1u5Ml Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2Lz9yD08tA&feature=relmfu




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