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Game crashed

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The problem is that after 3-4 minutes. play the game just crashes ... Judging from the ravine, the problem AdvansedHook ... And here are some entries from the log:

[11/20/2012 6:22:41 PM] [PULLOVER] Error: Method not found: 'Void AdvancedHookManaged.AGame.InitializeTaskCombatBustPed ()'. Source: MergedFirstResponse.net TargetSite: Boolean StartChase (GTA.Ped, GTA.Ped, GTA.Vehicle, GTA.Vector3, Boolean, Boolean) StackTrace: at CSharp.LCPDFR.Scripts.Pursuit.StartChase (Ped suspect1, Ped suspect2, Vehicle suspectVehicle, Vector3 startPos, Boolean noSecondSuspect, Boolean isWorldEvent)

at FirstResponse.LCPD.PullOver.Pull (). And recording log AdvansedHook:

Log started on: 18:41:22 11-20-2012


[iNFO - 18:41:22] Gameversion -

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Data unprotected

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Game patched

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Failed to open process

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Failed to disable xlive protections

[iNFO - 18:41:22] AdvancedHook 0.1f14 LCPD: FR 0.95 © 2010-2011 LMS - Initialized

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Thanks to listener, aru and # iv-modding

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Attaching exception handler ...

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Exception handler attached

[iNFO - 18:41:22] Patching game functions ...

[iNFO - 18:41:55] An exception occured

[iNFO - 18:41:55] Process: 0

Address: 22B1220

Code: C0000005

Registerdump - EAX: 0 EBP: 1273FC04 EBX: 0 ECX: 25AF04 EDI: 7C900000 EDX: 1BFC24 EIP: 22B1220 ESI: 7C80B741 ESP: 1273FA90

(18:41:55 - time the crash of game)

At the same time, game was running stably at 0.91 version of the mod

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