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Can somebody make me a custom skin?

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Thank you for reading this topic. I am currently making a new Grand Theft Auto IV Role Play Clan. I just got my copy of GTA IV PC working, but I know there are lots of cool mods available for GTA IV. So I wanted my PC version of the clan to operate, taking advantage of the opportunities. I know there are some of you that can make really good skins. So I wanted to know if somebody could make me a custom Emergency Vehicle skin. I need Police, Fire, EMT, and various version of each one. That way you have different cars for different division or ranks of the Police Force. I will take any suggestions of designs, just post a picture. I have an idea of what I want the first car to look like. This car with the NYPD logos and words replaced with my words. If you are interested in doing this for me then I will send you a list of what I want it to say. Click the picture and it will enlarge the photo for you. Thanks! :biggrin:

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