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Strange Weapon Bug(?)

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So by default, after going on duty, you should get like a pistol. But when there happens to be another pistol on the ground that I pick up (whether it's from a killed person or arrested person), the pistol always gets replaced despite the fact that I never picked it up.

There's also another thing I noticed about these start-up weapons. Usually, when you take out a weapon like a pistol, your bodyguard (I assuming your 'partner' is technically a bodyguard) also takes out their weapon in unison. But this doesn't seem to happen when I take out my start-up pistol. He just stands there, doing nothing. On the other hand, when I take out the replaced/picked-up pistol, my bodyguard takes their weapon out in unison also.

Does anyone else experience this small issue? ^^

Oh, btw, I'm playing on Episodes from Liberty City/Ballad of Gay Tony

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