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    BErad1502 reacted to gatekeeper in Can Someone Help ME?Albany/Schenectady Skins or Complete   
    come up with some better(higher resolution)I can give you a either same day (if images of everything I need is there)or a 24 hr. turn around , I also need to know what car you want it for(be specific and try and send me the template for each car)
    your pictures are nice but not big enough so details are lost, I am going to search for images also (I don.t make you do all the work
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    BErad1502 reacted to KINGBOB136 in Can Someone Help ME?Albany/Schenectady Skins or Complete   
    Did anyone actually make these? I live in Schenectady too and i've been looking for one 
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    BErad1502 reacted to legobrammetje in can someone create this badass police mustang?   
    can someone create this badass police mustang gt for gta v?
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    BErad1502 got a reaction from OfficerFive0 in Farmington NM Police/San Juan County NM Sheriff's Office Skin(s)   
    Still interested?
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    BErad1502 reacted to officerwaller in Virginia State Police Pack   
    Current status on the 96 Unmarked CV

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    BErad1502 reacted to harrison90 in Virginia State Police Pack   
    Man, call me oldfashioned but I wish more people used the big old strobe lightbars. Can't wait to get my hands on this in my sheriff slot.
    Great work.
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    BErad1502 reacted to officerwaller in Virginia State Police Pack   
    Update on the 99 VSP CVPI, Added Antennas and the deck light. I'd like to give a special thanks to @BErad1502 and @Sentinel55 for giving me parts to complete this pack. 

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    BErad1502 got a reaction from officerwaller in Virginia State Police Pack   
    i apologize for the amount of time its taken for me to get back to you. i have been super busy with work and all. but i will put together the requested files tonight after the gym. i was on the range all morning. i have been trying to come back to modeling.
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    BErad1502 reacted to thegreathah in ELS Dodge Charger with Blue Lights   
    Pretty much all the current models are capable of being all blue. Just take the emmisive textures and copy the blue onto the red.
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    BErad1502 reacted to Deputy Dandy in Longmire Skins   
    Give me some time and I can surely provide one for the Tahoe and Charger, question is, does anyone have an accurate model?
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    BErad1502 reacted to Prophet in Check out ELS for V!   
    Come in! Enjoy the discussion, as well as updates pertaining to the ELS-V modification by @Lt.Caine.
    Developers: @Lt.Caine and @LMS
    Official Testers:
    @Bxbugs123, @Prophet, @GravelRoadCop, @Albo1125 and @PoliceWag.
    Video Previews on ELS:
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    BErad1502 reacted to MattDV123 in FIB SECURITY   
    Anyone else notice or bothered by the fib security having an empty holster all the time??lol I think it would be really cool if someone could re master the fib security ped to have a gun in holster and maybe some other extras like different vest or faces! just an idea
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    BErad1502 reacted to OfficerFive0 in OfficerFive0's GTA V WIP [Current Project: MSP + Washtenaw County]   

    whelen par46 spotlight with noptic thermal camera

    par36 foglight needs a better texture and some touchups 
    Whelen sa314b speaker

    code 3 squad 3 shield

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    BErad1502 reacted to Sam in Community Team and Staffing Update 2016-03-11   
    As many of you will have noticed, we've had a number of changes to the Community Team over the past month or so.  
    Welcoming people in to the LSPDFR Team and seeing them integrate with what is essentially one big family, while becoming more and more of an integral part of what we do here as time goes by is just one of the many awesome things that I've been able to experience here as a result of what we've made with LCPDFR and LSPDFR.  The work that the Community Team is astounding, especially for a team of volunteers who owe nobody anything at all, and generously give up their own time to help us all here.  
    In this respect, it'd be great if we could keep hold of all of the fantastic people that have worked with us on the team over the years, but sadly this just isn't the case, and we unfortunately do from time to time have to say our goodbyes.  
    A little while ago now, Iconography retired from his position as the Community Manager.  Iconography was, like many who worked alongside him in the team, a 'normal member' for a number of years here.  With countless valuable contributions and having been a part of our community for ages, it only made sense to offer Icon the chance to become more involved as a member of our team.  Starting of as a community moderator, Icon was quick to impress me with his wit, his ethic and his intelligence.  Eventually taking on a more senior role within the moderation team, Icon then proved to also be a great hand for the newer members of our staff team.  In 2013, when the opportunity to be a much bigger part of everything we do arose, watching Icon take on the challenge and commit himself to being a part of the Management Team was honestly one of the best moments I've had here.  From making countless improvements to the way that we manage things, to coming up with great ideas like the Store, Icon's impact on LCPDFR.com just can't be overstated.  He boldly took on the challenge of day-to-day management of a 200,000 member community, and he had an amazing run.  I can honestly say that being able to both know and work with Icon was both a pleasure and an honour.  If there was a Mount Rushmore of LCPDFR, you can bet that Icon would be on it.
    On a similar note, Illusionyary has also taken the decision to retire from the Community Team in his position as a Community Moderator.  Illusionyary joined the team in mid-2013, and with just under 3000 moderation actions to his name, was an instrumental part of maintaining and administering our community.
    Additionally, Prophet has stepped down from his role as our first ever Content Editor, to focus on his own media channels.  While he'll forever be remembered for the infamous words of "this isn't going to be the preview of 0.3" on our livestream a while back, Prophet was a great help behind the scenes in organising the event, and really contributed to making it a truly special occasion - one that we'll be sure to do again!
    I'd like to take the time to very personally thank Iconography, Illusionyary and Prophet for all that they've done for our community, and hope that everyone will join with me in doing so.  Our Community Team really are the best, and it's been great having you guys on-board :)
    Finally, the eagle eyed among you might have noticed that we've just now welcomed a new face to the Community Team in Brant.  We'll have more to say about that soon.
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    BErad1502 got a reaction from FRGamer in PARK RANGER TEXTURE FOR OFF ROAD TAHOE   
    That was released for GTAV not GTAIV
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    BErad1502 reacted to LukeD in 295SDA1   
    There is no need to offer payment for mod requests on this forum as all content is provided freely. We strongly advise refusing any work offers from mod authors who will accept payment as well. 
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    BErad1502 reacted to Byzantine95 in NNPD/SO Cars   
    Sexy af man. ;)
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    BErad1502 got a reaction from Byzantine95 in NNPD/SO Cars   
    Here is the CVPI about 90 Percent done

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    BErad1502 reacted to Him1250 in Environmental Lighting using GTA V's default lighting   
    So after modding GTA IV for quite sometime, you get used to the environmental lighting produced by ELS. I thought that feature was missing in GTA V so I found a way to hide the coronas but still put off environmental lighting. This is NOT perfect as the corona can be seen from certain angles but I'm very happy about this. Video was requested and are below this post. The expeditions seen in this were just a test and I don't have perms for all the parts but expeditions WILL be coming!
    EDIT: Just for everyone's information about the lights, the LED's itself are using completely different coronas/sirens than the coronas that are putting off the environmental lighting. 
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    BErad1502 reacted to ETFStorm in [REQ] GTA V Noose/SWAT Uniform   
    Hey guys, so I've been looking for a Noose Uniform that looks similar to the Noose in GTA V. Does anyone know of any skins that looks similar to it (not just the grey uniform with black gear, I'm also looking for the balaclava, goggles, and helmet)? Thanks. 
     GTA V Noose:


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    BErad1502 reacted to timnboys in I Wish someone creat a Speed Radar like this?   
    I will make it for you but first have to get the 3d model to work with though and then make the script mod to actually make the 3d model work(or appear animated)
    That is out of my budget to get a 3d model for it:
    unless someone knows a free model for this I don't think I can do this for you.
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    BErad1502 reacted to Sebfrxcan in I Wish someone creat a Speed Radar like this?   
    Yea, in my city i see that speeding radar and i wish to see it in LSPDFR as a Mod ! Thanks.
    From a Big LSPDFR FAN !

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    BErad1502 got a reaction from Byzantine95 in NNPD/SO Cars   
    I have a few questions in regards to this request. Do you live in Newport News? Can you provide more pictures?  By more I mean better quality to actually see the true colors and placement of decals. I like the overall feel for this skin and enjoy a challenge. Both seem a bit difficult but if you really want them done, reply with better images. I have already started this but I will not finish unless you reply with what everyone would need to complete these skins.