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  1. Also Resisting Arrest Without Violence Is already there it is Named Resisting Arrest in the Non Violent Crimes
  2. Yes It will be up soon. Ok I added some but Unfortanly for some reason Idk why but I can't add the warrant for arrest charges sorry.
  3. It is fine you can put it in the comments. Yes I can.
  4. Computer+ is created by PieRGud I credited him and help updated his Charges and Citations
  5. Version 1.3.0


    I made this file for more charges and Citations for LSPDFR Computer+ Credits goes to PieRGud the Original creator of Computer+. Computer+ Is Required . Read the Read me for the Installation guide. If you have any questions or anything that I forgot to put please Message me or put it in the comments. I will be happy to respond to your questions and comments and ideas. Btw this is my first file upload. If the creator of Computer+ PieRGud wants me to take this down then I will take it down.
    This plugin is so awesome It makes it more realistic with writing citations and arrest reports, It would be cool if there where more charges. I LOVE THIS PLUGIN.
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