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    What trainer are you using?
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    Hi All,
    I just wanted to share my set up as I have seen a few people who have been asking if chat pads work with LSPDFR.
    I can confirm they work perfectly.
    I have an Xbox one controller with the MS Official Chatpad, after playing with keybinding for all plugins I have now got it set up perfectly.
    I never have to touch my keyboard or mouse (only to open Rage console).
    I also managed to get my controller to work with Computer + (controlling the mouse etc.).
    Simply download Gopher360 (only activate Gopher when Computer+ has been opened with the controller). Activate/disactivate buttons are "back" & "start".
    All works a dream, I know there are some hardcore keypad and mouse players but I work all day on computers so I prefer to use a controller.
    Does not feel like I am at work then 🙂.
    I hope the above will help some people.
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