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  1. yessir. everything is working sort of except the long sleeve version
  2. i cant seem to get this to work I did everything you asked for to a tee for EUP installation. just drag and drop. but in game the only item I get is the short sleeve button down what was the mistake you made. I am probably making the same one !
    amazing when it works. but whenever I call for a unit for backup either from using this plugin or your traffic stop backup plugin my game crashes. I don't know why this happens. any way you can shed some light on this for me ?
  3. tonesnaps

    Small Town PD 2014 FPIU (ELS)

    per usual ... just amazing
    ABSOLUTELY INCEREDIBLE. The detail the everything!! Back with another instant hit. Amazing man don't ever give up. lmfaoo one thing though how do i allow for the window tint to be changed and suspension level in the carcol settings now none of my vehicles can change those two modifications.
    fire ! based off a town in NJ right ?
  4. tonesnaps

    [ELS] LSPD Mini Pack

    amazing work in the game right now ! but the impala keeps crashing my game every time i go to spawn it, it brings a corrupt game error message. so i went ahead and checked the installation and everything went in properly. do you know anything of this ?
  5. tonesnaps

    Dwardo225's weapons Rate of fire

    good question. I will like to know myself if at all possible ?
  6. tonesnaps

    2013 Unmarked Chevy Tahoe PPV

    via trainer vehicle options> vehicle color
  7. tonesnaps

    2013 Unmarked Chevy Tahoe PPV

    yessir very sexy ! happy you finally released it !
  8. tonesnaps

    BCSO Integrity Pack

    have i ever told you how much love I have for you ! Jeez this pack is so sexy always top quality by you. we need more modders like you and t0y and thegreathah. attention to detail is above and beyond. and only release when it is actually done!
  9. what pack is this for?
  10. tonesnaps

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    follwed the instructions to a T and I cannot find this duty belt anywhere in the eup wardrobe accys or anywhere else.
  11. tonesnaps

    Law Packs+

    you have to possession with intent to usa packs drugs category, citations for driving while using a cellphone and failure to maintain lanes