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    9/10 great work i just have one issue the ions on the grille are too oversized and the plate lights are over sized and are sticking out too far....other than that good work
    @OfficerUnderwood you know what your right... he is spicing it up its is a bit odd tho
    10/10 great models I really love the fact that everything looks so good so that's why you got 5 stars great work keep it up
  1. Thanks I'll be fixing it now I had fixed the 16 charger No it's the antenna in the back Lol
    10/10 Left for words love the use of different lightbars on older vehicles it adds a line of realism as if a department was fading out the old one and adding the new one LOVE IT!
  2. ill take a look but if yall have any screenshots please send them
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