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  2. Okay, so, we probably all know that .4 causes texture loss and unless you shittify your textures you can't play it, does anyone have a fix that works the one on the wiki does nothing and removing modded vehicles really un-immerses you. Please if you know anything about it post it here.
  3. I finally managed to get it installed and of course I get texture loss like normal, I saw some people who said they fixed it can you give me a tip on how?
  4. The texture loss one. I have basically disabled 50% of the features of .4 just to play LSPDFR without the world vanishing from under me for 20 minutes.
  5. I honestly don't see them fixing this sadly. as soon as I go on duty I can only play for about two minutes.. I have six vehicles, all with 2k textures.... yeah. I'm hoping a modder on the website will devise a fix for this soon
  6. To be honest, that doesn't help..
  7. Well two things, i'll try that, second THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID i'm sorry.. this will probably get removed but it was worth it
  8. It's LSPDFR .4, it can't handle to many high poly textures, I don't use this pack because the OIV doesn't work, but I have used packs larger than it and it does that, you can't use packs this big basically
  9. Yeah, okay, thanks for the hastily response
  10. I love the pack, but i'd rather have it in 4k, any chance that in the future you will add 4k textures?..
  11. Yeah, that's the files I use in customs currently, I know the basics on how to edit these, add vehicles backup etc, And I probably can do the uniforms too, I just don't really know the file names of them, so I will have to take it from my backed up version of those. And again, sorry, but do I put both the agency's and the "These replace the defaults" in custom?... or does the "These replace the defaults" actually replace defaults outside of the customs folder?..
  12. Is it possible I can edit it to use EUP uniforms (Other than Grapeseed sandy and paleto) Because I love the fact that you put all the departments in, but I would rather use EUP uniforms. Crap, sorry about my last message, I screwed my message up. I didn't read the last line..
  13. Does the departments use EUP uniforms?... I assume not, but what do the more obscure departments like paleto use?..
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