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  1. XDaddeln

    Halloween Hearse [ELS]

    love the car is a nice idea happy halloween
  2. XDaddeln

    Blaine County PD - My First Skin

    you wrong this is Jedahdiahs pack he put his time and work in it so when you release a skin put the right moder in that did this amazing work
  3. XDaddeln

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) [ELS]

    love that pack 11/10 but can you add a frambar on the f-150
  4. XDaddeln

    San Andreas State Police Mega - Pack [ELS]

    an amazing pack love it keep up the gread worke
  5. XDaddeln

    Sherrif Deputy

    love the ped a awsome thing with the dutybeld with the taser for eup i was waiting for this only two things can you remove the gun from the eup dutybelt because you can add one via eup and also there are some pockets cliping trough each other but all in all a very nice ped pack keep it up love to see more of that
  6. XDaddeln

    Fire & EMS Pack [ELS]

    ahh okay thanks :)
  7. XDaddeln

    Fire & EMS Pack [ELS]

    awsome pack well done but i cant finde the VehicleGadgets+ on LSPDFR
    awsome love it when you like playing as swat a must have 20/10
  8. nice skin love them keep up the amazing worke
    a awsome pack love it 11/10
  9. XDaddeln

    Ford Police Interceptor Series Hubcaps

    awsome wheels love them 11/10
  10. XDaddeln

    Ford Police Interceptor Series Hubcaps

    dude love the wheels keep it up can´t wait to see some steeles and the tahoe one
  11. XDaddeln

    Ford Police Interceptor Series Hubcaps

    yeah would love to see some and probebly some taurus rims to ? it would be a nice add to the community thank you for making these
  12. XDaddeln

    Ford Police Interceptor Series Hubcaps

    @LAPDOfficerBraddock ALL fine bud evryone makes mistakes :) but are you planing to make some steelis to ?? would love to see some