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  1. @BejoIjo So in Stop The Ped is says it could fix the ped age, does that mean I don’t need the mod?
  2. @Sebo I don’t think I got this clear, so will vehicles non-compatible with the plugin disable it or something (I’m not talking about the feature where the shotgun disappears when retrieving and comes back when unequiping the gun) I mean will I still be able to equip and unequip the gun
  3. Yeah I read it and I have Custom Backup and the description said that your mod is integrated with Custom Backup, but I didn’t realize the peds are also customized in custombackup.xml, So thanks a lot for bringing it up.
    All right, let slowly clap for this awesome ELS feature you added. Two, the livery you chose is really good. Three, I’m just in love with models, lighting is on point, not too much & not too little. Overall, Great pack just needs a Crown Vic
    Great pack, lighting is in point no more lights needed. But the cars are new like you have 2017 charger, a 15’tahoa & a 16’explorer. So I’m thinking Blaine County is a small town and wouldn’t spend much money on updating there vehicles, so could you add a Los Santos Sheriff’s Department texture to. As an option. Thanks a lot for all effort you spent and time on this pack.
  4. @BejoIjo Can you make peds and vehicles customizable ( I know K9 vehicle is already in the .ini ) but having the peds too and others vehicles customizable would be nice for RDE users and addon vehicles.
  5. @OJdoesIt For some reason whenever there are emergency units respond LSPDFR crashes.
    All right, So let me start off by saying your “No Performance loss” mods have been so helpful. Not only that, you have some creative simple helpful ideas that enhance LSPDFR and improve our experience in LSPDFR. Again, this mod is really helpful, making it like Albo1125’s mods which all of us use it. Thank you for your effort.
  6. @CHR1570PH3R On GlitchGamer's GMC Savana, the 'POLICE' on the hood is a bit off.
  7. @Albo1125 Can I use this on the latest game version (1.240)
    When I first saw this, I was like “Another Retro shit”. But I saw it was by Black Jesus, so let have a look. I’m amazed!! This pack is just what we need for a change. Thanks man. Hopefully I see a Crown Vic soon..
    Thanks a lot @GeneralFord1, was really looking for an all blue pack to suit my FIB. can you please add the rest of POLICESCO's unmarked to the pack. http://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/201213-policesco/content/?type=downloads_file
  8. My bad but they seem like 12 not 13. Sorry again.
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