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    CowTheory got a reaction from forsakenbacon17 in This mod is going to cost me $1200   
    I'm really new here. I got LSPDFR working two days ago and I've fallen in love with it ever since.
    I've been watching videos of LCPDFR and LSPDFR for a year or so and I now have a powerful enough computer to play most mods at high settings and framerates.
    It's totally worth it. Good luck!
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    CowTheory got a reaction from Abel Software in Things You Want To See   
    A lot of people have questions on how to download plugins and scripts, it would be really cool if someone could make an EXE file that would incorporate many popular plugins and scripts (including ragehook, scripthook V, and native trainer) and do all the "hard work" for them. 
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    CowTheory reacted to TheoDePro in Paleto bay   
    I agree for a part of it... Because it's so small it makes it difficult to keep patrolling there when you get a pursuit callout... But because it is so small makes it some sort of cosy :) and calm. 

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    CowTheory reacted to Gump in Paleto bay   
    I like to patrol Sandy Shores for some reason.