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    Ethenal got a reaction from sammie in LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update   
    +1 this would add tremendously to immersion, I think.
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    Ethenal got a reaction from Albo1125 in GitHub repo talk thread   
    Yeah, that enRAGEd trucking mod on GTA5-Mods uses the GwenForm functionality in RPH - it looks quite nice actually. But I was unable to find any documentation on how to use it anywhere...
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    Ethenal got a reaction from DrOldsmobile in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Did anyone actually read Oleg's post on Zmodeler's forums?
    Isn't "locking" models a total fantasy? I mean, if GTA V can still read it, then clearly the model isn't "locked" - I presume Zmodeler just sets a particular flag in the file that doesn't affect the display of the model ingame, then zmodeler will refuse to edit that model if the particular flag is set in the way that Zmodeler expects. However, as he says in the post, this could be easily bypassed by anybody with the right know how and if any other programs gain the capability to mod GTA V yft files, they'll probably ignore Zmodeler's "lock" feature entirely.
    Has anybody ever noticed that license that is displayed when you start GTA V? You know, the one that expressly forbids reverse engineering and all that jazz? I mean, the only reason this community exists is because of our blatant violation of Rockstar's license for GTA V (and naturally their willingness to not enforce it on SP modders). Rockstar didn't try to help us mod the game, they did their best to make it difficult to create another ScriptHook, but that got bypassed pretty quickly, and additionally with each update. Oh, and then there's the modders on those "other" sites that publish tutorials in Assembly on how to patch the online check in ScriptHook. Why wouldn't Zmodeler's lock feature be bypassed just as easily?
    I mean come on, I get it - you guys want to be credited and don't want your work stolen. I get it! I'm a programmer, not a modeler - I can't create anything on the level of many of the creations I've seen from this community. I appreciate what you guys do and enjoy your work greatly, and I want you to be recognized for it! But maybe take another look at Oleg was saying - he doesn't want to provide a "magic" lock facility, and then potentially have users of his (paid) software complaining that the "lock" feature doesn't work. It works as best as it could, but there's no way it could actually provide much more than a rudimentary amount of "security." I don't think he's going against modders in this case, I think he's just taking the opportunity to stop pretending that files can even be "locked" in the first place, and maybe force the community to shift in their values in this regard.
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    Ethenal got a reaction from alexguirre in LSPD First Response 0.2 Beta   
    I managed to make a simple callout based off of the API Example code from LCPDFR. It's pretty similar but namespaces and object names are changed in many cases, so you can't really copy/paste the API Example. If you want to get started before some better documentation hits the scene then take a look at the API Example and use the Object Browser in Visual Studio on "LSPD First Response.dll" to get an idea of what you need to do. I'll try and post some example code for people to play with if somebody more knowledgeable doesn't do it first.
    All that being said, I am having a freaking blast. This is such an excellent mod and the game has barely been out for three months! I can't wait to see what the future of this mod and what the rest of the community creates will bring.
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    Ethenal got a reaction from Neoks in LSPD First Response 0.2 Beta   
    Does anybody have any information on the API? I really want to start playing around with it but I'm rather unfamiliar with LCPDFR/LSPDFR's API system in general. I tried to use the old API Example for LCPDFR (because according to them it implements at least a basic version) and change the namespaces around but so far have been unable to compile it.
    Otherwise the new changes are fantastic, just hurry up and allow us to rebind the police computer key ;)
    (also, console commands to reload LSPDFR plugins)
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