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    There supposed to do thees things when making a support thread, It says everywhere in Support : Do this, This, And this, Before making a support thread, It doesn't matter if hes new, These kind of things make it really hard for anybody to help them out if they don't do it, And they were supposed to do it in the first place, I know jay is tired of it, I see him closing threads all the time now saying: Please read the stickys and do what you need to before posting a new thread (closed), It clutters up the forum, And we cant help,After all remember that, This Mod is Free, And it has a super Comunity backing it up full of people who wish to help those that cannot seem to fix there problems on there own, But when they dont help us out by giving us simple detail, And even put the title as HELP!!!, Its kinda a slap to the face, As far as +rep and -rep, Harper is correct, and I belive this is how the rep system should work, Anymore though, Rep is just handed out. /Endrant, JAM.

    PS: Im not trying to be offensive in any way, Just kinda getting tired of seeing SO MANY threads where people ignore these simple instructions, Then none of us can help them out :/
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    The FUZZ reacted to AlconH in HELP!   
    Well what do you want me to say? The name is self explanatory and so is the software itself. All you have to do is press start! If he wants help that's what he needs to do.
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