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    Darksnippez got a reaction from This is it in Show your LCPDFR Set-Up   
    So i haven't seen this yet.

    Show your Set-Up :).
    Mine is pretty not cool ATM. I'm currently rebuilding my big room so i am stuffed in this small little room for another 4 weeks !
    After that my other room will be awesome !.

    Used to have 3 monitors recently bought a server so had to give one to the server. Future plans are there to buy a new monitor but first some other things :)
    Laptop is used for other tasks during games etc. It has en i5 and a GT520 1GB Videocard. 
    Pc you see standing the CPU cooler is also temporary liquid cooling is actuall on its way over here as we speak

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    Darksnippez got a reaction from CrazyPanda1234 in Good enough?!?!?   
    Probably med to high settings for GTA IV, I currently own next to my computers a Acer aspire 5750G With an intel core i5 2430M and a GT520. And that can play it smooth at med settings
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    Darksnippez reacted to iEcosan in CLEO make my game crash   
    Well that because you didn't download the fix I think?
    Delete the current version of SAPD:FR, and go to FRmods.com, download it from there.
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    Darksnippez got a reaction from DrChickenPewp in Pehae Virtual Emergency Services   
    We had a great night of patrolling be sure to sign up! Realism and fun its all here!

    If you want to join you can also contact me, I am a certified.
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    Darksnippez got a reaction from Heap in Looking For a Team...   
    You have to shave your mustache, :confused: