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    brad36 reacted to Maurice97 in San Andreas Mega-Pack   
    Hey everybody.I want to introduce you to a new Mega Pack.This time its different.Im not doing this on my own.Its a collaboration with @Jedahdiah.Im happy to announce that  @Sinnisa and @harrison90 are doing our textures.Without them it would be much harder.Please go and check their work out.Our goal is to create a Pack with different Departments/Setups.For now there will be these Districts/Areas/Types.
    -Sandy Shores PD
    -Paleto Bay PD
    -Los Santos PD
    -Chumash PD
    -Grapeseed PD
    -Port Authority/Airport PD
    -Campus Police
    -Park Ranger
    -State Trooper
    We dont know how many Models we gonna do but me and @Jedahdiah are sure that this is going to be big.In this topic we gonna update you with Screenshots,Ideas and much more.Stay tune and have a nice day.More to be announced soon.
                                                                                                                                                              Follow this thread for updates!
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    brad36 reacted to Ponch in Check out ELS for V!   
    If you can successfully manage to go this route rather than the extras, would this mean that all vehicle models currently released would automatically be compatible with ELS? Also would we have to use ELS-specific lightbars and various other lighting parts when developing new models?
    Also - I vote that @Albo1125 works with you to complete this. Anyone else? Like this up if you agree.
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    brad36 reacted to OfficerJessica in GTAV Upcoming! - First things to do?   
    -Drive around looking for hookers to kill.
    -steal a Pimp's car.
    -Go on a rampage and kill hillbillies.
    -Drive home in stolen car, turn on computer and play GTA V.
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